The year 1941 saw the birth of Latteria Sociale Cooperativa La Grande.
The 13 founder members provided 3,308 quintals of milk for an annual production of 561 wheels.
Since 1941 La Grande has taken over a good 6 dairies: La Piccola, Gazzo, Prati Melli, San Savino, Cogruzzo and Nuova Aurora.
Nowadays. La Grande has 20 members who provide 98,000 quintals of milk producing a striking 17,800 wheels of this undisputed “King of Cheeses”: PARMIGIANO REGGIANO.
Sheer craftsmanship, using only milk from the area of origin (Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena,  Bologna to the left of the Reno River, Mantua to the right of the River Po) and without any additives.

Latteria Sociale Cooperativa La Grande, 70 years in which passion, love and tradition have created products that are unique for their genuineness and goodness.

Our Certification

Certificazione Descrizione
ceritifcazione qualita

Protected Designation of Origin, better known under its acronym PDO, is a mark that legally protects designation granted by the European Union to foods whose special quality features depend essentially or exclusively on where they are produced. The geographical circumstances are taken to include both natural factors (climate, environmental characteristics), and human factors (production techniques handed down over time, craftsmanship, savoir-faire) which, taken together, ensure a product that is inimitable outside a particular production area. For a product to become PDO, its production, processing and preparation must take place within a restricted geographical area. Those who make PDO products must respect rigid production regulations laid down in the production specifications. Respect for these regulations is guaranteed by a specific Inspection Body. In order to distinguish PDO from PGI products, also at a glance, the colours of the respective marks have been changed from yellow-blue to yellow-red

ceritifcazione qualita FORMA E FETTA

The forma e fetta brand with the words PARMIGIANO REGGIANO on a black background is a trademark and an obligatory reference to identify and recognize pre-packed Parmigiano Reggiano