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Dry-cured ham is a typical Italian food obtained by dry salting pork haunches, specifically from animals that have reached a weight of around 150kg.

Pork leg, salt, and time: these are the ingredients used to produce dry-cured ham. Once selected, the legs are massaged with salt, then after a rest period, they are then washed, brushed down, dried off, checked for any defects and left to dry; then a long maturation period begins, for a period ranging from 8 to 16 months or even beyond 24 months in special controlled environments where the hams hang from special frames: this allows the meat to acquire the particular organoleptic characteristics that have made it famous all over the world. During the maturing “sugnatura”is carried out, in other words, the muscular parts are smeared with a special mixture (in general of pork fat, salt and ground pepper along with other ingredients that vary according to tradition and customs) which stop the ham from drying out too quickly. Once opened, it is recommended to cover the cut surface with cling film before putting it back into the fridge.

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