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In 1941 the La Grande Social Cooperative Dairy was born.
The 13 founding members contributed 3,308 quintals of milk for an annual production of 561 wheels.
From 1941 to today, La Grande has incorporated 6 dairies: La Piccola, Gazzo, Prati Melli, S. Savino, Cogruzzo and Nuova Aurora.
Today La Grande has 20 members who deliver 98,000 quintals of milk producing the beauty of 17,800 wheels of the undisputed “King of cheeses”: PARMIGIANO REGGIANO.
An artisan process, using only the milk of cows from the area of origin (Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna on the left side of the Reno river and Mantua on the right side of the Po river) and without the addition of additives.

La Grande Social Cooperative Dairy, 70 years in which passion, love and tradition have created unique products for their authenticity and goodness.

quality certificationThe protected designation of origin, better known by its acronym PDO, is a mark of legal protection of the denomination which is attributed by the European Union to foods whose peculiar qualitative characteristics depend essentially or exclusively on the territory in which they were produced. The geographical environment includes both natural factors (climate, environmental characteristics), and human factors (production techniques handed down over time, craftsmanship, savoir-faire) which, combined together, make it possible to obtain an inimitable product outside a specific production area. In order for a product to be PDO, the production, transformation and elaboration phases must take place in a defined geographical area. Whoever makes PDO products must comply with the strict production rules established in the production specification. Compliance with these rules is guaranteed by a specific control body. To distinguish, even visually, PDO products from PGI ones, the colors of the relative brand have been changed from yellow-blue to yellow-red
quality certificationSHAPE AND SLICE
The wheel and slice brand with PARMIGIANO REGGIANO written on a black background is the marketing brand and mandatory reference for identification and recognition of packaged Parmigiano Reggiano
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